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Been messing around with and lately. The ultimate goal if to virtualize all the services we have running at the moment. Thusfar, I have been able to easily spin up a VM using the awesome libvirt provider (registry.terraform.io/providers/dmacvicar/libvirt). Now for the actual functionality...

Waarom is Wilders uberhaupt nog welkom op TV? WNL moest zich schamen om hun racistisch gasten.

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Major win for encryption.

European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiórowski said the indiscriminate scanning of private communications proposed by EU’s CSAM regulation “will always be illegal under the Charter of Fundamental Rights (and probably under several national constitutional laws as well),” euractiv.com/section/law-enfor

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sudoers file:

^ a comment

^ allows uid 1000 to do anything

nice format!

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Would be super thankful if all my EU citizen friends signed (and maybe shared) this petition by @edri to stop the #EU from forcing backdoors into encrypted messaging: civicrm.edri.org/stop-scanning
cc #privacy #encryption #politics

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Our next release will override carrier selected SUPL server (usually supl.google.com) with supl.grapheneos.org by default. Similar to connectivity checks, etc. there will be a new Settings toggle for choosing between GrapheneOS proxy, Standard and Disabled for SUPL.

#grapheneos #privacy #security #supl #agnss #gnss #geolocation #location #carrier #baseband #qualcomm #broadcom #google

We encountered a super annoying bug in : traffic on the guest would not appear on the virtual interface on the guest. After rebooting the host, the problem was resolved.

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Dit moet je zien. Ongelofelijk dat dit allemaal mag in Nederland! Zendtijd voor commerciële partijen. #Avondshow over #FVD youtu.be/1uw1DPJ1Jt8

Now running Debian to see if the i3wm stutters are fixed... and unfortinately no :( It might be time to look at other tiling WMs. That should be fun; I have used i3wm for years and never tried anything else. On the positive side, I am very happy with Debian :)

Also, it only happens on my laptop screen; when I connect my external monitor I have no problems

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I have a very annoying problem with my laptop setup right now. Every once in a while, my screen freezes until I move the mouse or push a button. I have no idea why it happens. I use with but on Linux Mint's Cinnamon DE it doesn't happen.

Well, it finally happened: I contracted . I just have a runny nose so hopefully it will disappear soon.

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Got a real itch to play some lately. Let's see what the cacowards recommend

The problem with using to define your laptop, is that you keep finding more little things to configure. My TODO list is definitely not getting smaller 😅

I have finally finished the mainline games, so I am ready to create my objective ranking 🙂 NB: I loved them all!

1. King of Cards: Platformer gameplay is done perfectly and the levels are short but powerful. The card battles slow the game down but are still fun.
2. Spectre of Torment: The gameplay is quite difficult but also fast and fun.
3. Shovel of Hope: The original, you can't go wrong :)
4. Plague of Shadows: The explosive movement never really worked for me.

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#OpenStreetMap is in trouble

#Microsoft #Bing Map Builder “…entered the ecosystem with parasitic intents … If [nothing improves], we should consider cutting off mapbuilder from the API, and we should consider starting a lawsuit over the copyright infringement. This is not a small hobby website which happened to have forgotten the attribution. This is a cancer that is starting to grow. This is designed to kill the community.”


By @pietervdvn #embraceExtendExtinguish

Season #4 spoilers 

Season #4 was fine, except for the performance of the two escapees which I can only describe as cringy. And their role in the whole plot was quite insignificant up until they basically killed dozens of policemen and then one of the main characters. Bad writing

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